Chaude Curry Cheese Board

by Akshaya Murali

If you are looking for an easy way to amp up lockdown family game nights, or even stay-at-home date nights, our cheeseboard is your answer. The best cheese platters focus on varieties of flavours & textures, and we have it all. This is one of our favorite ways to entertain, but works really well for making any stay at home evening special :)


  • Raincoast crisps or Table crackers (1 pack)
  • Double or Triple cream Brie (1 pack)
  • Gouda or any other hard cow cheese (½ pack)
  • Green grapes (as needed)
  • A handful of salted cashews & roasted pecans (or any other nuts you like)
  • Black Sesame Lentil Podi (2 tbsp)
  • Good quality EVOO (2-3 tbsp)


  1. Keep crackers and other crunchy elements in separate sections.  
  2. In a container, mix the Black Sesame Lentil Podi with some olive oil, to get it to a dipping consistency.
  3. Arrange the cheese selections on the board.
  4. Arrange the fruit of your choice to the board to complete the cheese platter.
  5. Wait no more, dig in, and enjoy!