Our Story

Hi! 👋  We are Dhivya & Akshaya. We have known each other for decades, and about 8 months ago, through the global pandemic, we found our passion in food. We enjoy the flavours of the world, and we are now welcoming you to join this adventure.

Chaude Curry is our journey in making Indian food accessible to every person in this world. It’s deeply rooted in traditional, authentic Indian flavors, one that is moreish and palatable for everyone.

Some people eat to live, we live to eat. Here are our food philosophies.

  1. We love food that is authentic & approachable. Not one or the other. Always together.
  2. Food can be low effort, high impact. 
  3. We are efficient moms. With our full social calendar, we like cooking that brings the best together, efficiently.
  4. We never compromise on flavour or taste of food.
  5. We live to eat. Need we say more?
  6. We adore and build on traditions, but love to make it our own. 
  7. We value quality always. No compromises!
  8. We love bringing the variety of flavours of the world. That means dinner table menus that bring both kids & adults to the table.

All our spice blends are small-batch, vegan and gluten-free and hand-made in Toronto. 

We spent months making, testing, and tweaking our recipes to get them just right. We are all ears for feedback :) Drop us a note here.